Flu vaccines cause fatalities again

January 21, 2018

This month there has been a high rise of fatalities from the flu. I remember waking up in the morning a few days ago and hearing on the news the headline “a boy dies from flu despite the flu shot”. It is not “despite”. It is “because”. I don’t know why people still believe that the flu vaccines protect them from the flu and how many people will have to die before we open the box and read the insert to the vaccines where it states: a) no protection is offered, b) there are many many very bad and poisoners ingredients in it that would have very negative affect on your body and c) yes, you can die from it as “death” is listed as one of the side effects.

Read more: About the flu on watchdogs.

Every time I’m at the doctor’s office they always ask me if I would like a flu shot.

My answer is always: absolutely not!

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