Colorado blizzard car test: which cars got stuck the most?

April 21, 2016

A recent trip to Colorado revealed a surprising fact which will be influencing my future car buying decisions. On March 23, a terrible blizzard struck Colorado Denver area and Colorado Springs. A multitude of car crashes caused the authorities to close down roads and highway 25 was shut down in both directions for a day. I was driving my car in that blizzard and on highway 25 and watched hundreds of cars getting stuck in the 12 inches of snow, driven into the ditches and obandoned on the side of the road. 

So which cars got stuck the most? Surprisingly jeeps. Those big SUVs with a misleading image of an ultimate off-road machines were the worst victims of the blizzard. Right after them, the RAMs pick up trucks were probably the second most popular strugglers on the road. The third worst were the minivans of all kids. It was just terrible to watch those wheels spinning helplessly trying to get out of a fairly thin layer of snow. 

Meanwhile, my Hyundai Sonata limited 2015 did great! I even took it off road, well, because I had to when they closed highway 25. That road went through mountains with much more snow with only tire tracks available to follow and my car did not get stuck even once.
Furthermore, I did not see any Hyundai or Honda vehicles stuck or obandoned in that blizzard. 

So before you buy your next car, test it in the snow!

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