Cook County Headlines Pro GMO Campaign

September 29, 2015

GMO feed the starving children of India, there is no proven health risk associated with consuming them, they preserve nature, improve quality of life and yield foods with more vitamins and calories – those were the arguments of the pro GMO agenda headlined by the Cook County PR rep Kim Morton at the Palatine Public Library tonight. Apparently, she loves GMO and wants everybody to understand why.

The hour-long presentation was supposed to be about facts and risks of GMO but consisted of slides filled with pro GMO agenda. There was nothing about the risks, other than there are no risks, arguing that we have been eating GMO for 20 years now and nobody is getting sick from it. I could not resist to take some photos of these slides as my state of shock was settling in and spreading to other members of the audience. We all politely waited until the end of presentation, then tore it apart. But let’s look at some of these slides. After all, consider the source: Cook county is a government entity.

Morton bullet pointed the benefits of GMO, some of which I have never heard until now. Here are the slides. These are some stellar examples of PR propaganda, not to be confused with facts.




Another argument to support the GMO claim was that it improves the quality of life.

But I’ve heard all these terrible things…

The county’s commentary about farmers in India committing suicide? I happened to record that on video:

But the audience didn’t swallow it. Once the PR talk was over, the questions poured. Kim Morton was in a bit of a hot seat trying to give answers.

Q: Why does the industry resist labeling GMO?

A: Becuase consumers fear GMO and would not buy it, so the industry would die out. And poor the starving people around the world would have nothing to eat.

Q: Why doesn’t FDA conduct its own study about safety of GMO?

A: Because they reply on data provided by GMO producers. Do you propose they start from scratch?

Q: GMO are considered intellectual property, not food. They are pettened, how does one examine its safety if the ingredients remain a secret?

A: Pattents expire, you can examine then.

Q: How can consumers make choices about purchasing GMO?

A: If you don’t want to eat GMO, just buy products labeled organic or non-GMO. Though there might be no garantee that non-GMO have no GMO.

While listening to the speaker I could not help but wonder why would Cook county send their rep to propagate GMO instead of representing the interests of the people that live here in an unbiased factual way presenting both pros and cons. The answer came shortly. Evidently 96% of crops grown in the state of Illinois are GMO. Here is the list of current GMO products on the market.

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