Peace poem by Montessori preschoolers

September 21, 2015

What is peace?
By Iris Room children in Wheeling, IL

Peace is loving
Peace is hugging
Sitting nicely on the line
Being quiet, sharing pictures
Thinking everything is fine

Writing books and riding horses,
Singing songs and planting seeds
Giving flowers and presents
Shaking hands and filling needs

Helping people could be peaceful
Only if they need our help
Loving animals and people
Sharing, caring, building things

Sitting at the table all together
Peace is ice cream, swings and slides
Going places like museums
Going home is peace for us

One day children in the Montessori school in Wheeling, IL sat down in circle and talked about peace. Much too often we hear what peace is not. So they were asked to think what is peace. Their teacher wrote down their responses and composed into this poem. These simple words contain more wisdom than I read about peace.

Happy Internstional Peace Day!

Please feel free to share.

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