Pay it Forward – You Try

September 6, 2015

Paying for someone at the tall or at Starbucks are the most simple examples of acts of random kindness also known as “paying it forward”. This idea started probably back in 2000 when the movie with such name came out. In the recent years I have heard many people retelling experiences of random strangers paying for them without asking anything in return. Their stories are all over social media, and, told in person.

There is a Pay it Forward Foundation and Pay it Forward International Day set for April 28, 2016. But I invite you to try it now, don’t wait that long. It feels awesome!

Last Friday I went to Sturbucks to buy some coffee before work. While paying for my order I remembered my boss telling me an exciting story of how a woman in front of her in the Sturbucks drive through was taking an extra long time. When she pulled up to the cashier window to pay she was told that the woman before her got it already. My boss thought it was me. It wasn’t. But what if it were? So decided to try it. I leaned over to the cashier and asked her how does “paying it forward” work? The cashier smiled and told me to just wait until the next person places their order and then pay for it. So I did. The man was so excited he called me a sweetheart and asked if I was a fan of what his t-shirt said.

I said I’m a fan of “paying it forward”.

I felt amazing all day.

You try.

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