Anti-vaccine doctor Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet, M.D. dies under mysterious circumstances

August 6, 2015

According to CBS, Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet, M.D, an anti-vaccine advocate died in June 2015. His body was found in the river along with the gun. The local sherif ruled his death as apparent suicide. His family is not so convinced. They are raising funds to conduct a “very complicated investigation involving many people and multiple states.” So far they have collected $38,000 and counting. To donate to this cause, please visit: Dr, Jeffrey Bradstreet’s fund raiser page.

It is easy to understand why authorities will try to keep the investigation to the minumum. Nobody wants to bring attention to the M.D., who, despite being disapproved by the medical community, worked tirelessly to provide information about damages of childhood vaccines. 

Dr. Bradstreet is particularly known for his study of vaccines causing autism, which has been published in the medical journal, but was not indexed. His work though extends far beyond autism, explaining how and why vaccines cause injuries. 

In his honor, here is a copy of one of his articles published on Vaccine Resitstance Movement website. 

“The brain is an electrical field, a massive electrical grid complex which regulates the entire operation of life for the body. The human body is hard-wired to the brain, an intricate bio-electric network; analogous to a tree deeply rooted into this matrix of highly electrical “soil”.  

The vast majority of infections enter the body through the nasal passages (mucous membrane) & the Gastro-Intestinal Tract or the guts (gut flora). Accordingly 80% of the body’s immune system is situated at these junctures; the natural first line of defence.  Vaccines are injected into deep muscle tissue/subcutaneously, either route which literally bypasses one’s natural barriers altogether. Thus the body is left vulnerable to live viruses & heavy metals.

Vaccines, by their composite nature, inherently damage & disrupt the body’s delicate neurological network; hindering the complex functioning of the brain in maintaining all systems of operation (circulatory, digestive, endocrine, immune, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, skeletal, and urinary).

In practical terms, a synergy factor inevitably occurs when multiple ingredients such as heavy metals, live viruses/or strands of DNA-RNA “heat treated virus”, antibiotics, formaldehyde, detergent, diploid cells (aborted fetal tissue), mycoplasma, phenol dye & excipient buffers are combined together in a vial mixture.

Once these toxins are injected into deep muscle tissue or subcutaneously (either route which literally bypasses one’s natural barriers altogether), a cascading degeneration known as Ischemia, a singeing of the neural pathways from toxic overload which prevents vital oxygen from reaching the brain, literally inhibiting normal development, often occurs; resulting in a series of what are termed “microvascular strokes”, ‘as large white blood cells rush to attack the foreign particles injected into our bloodstream…surround tiny capillaries where the foreign particles land, clog and collapse the capillaries.’

The viscosity of this build up of “sludge” clogs/singes the vast network of arterial veins & capillaries leading to the brain while accumulating in the organs (ie. heart, liver, kidney, spleen), joints, meninges – 3 layers of protective tissue called the dura, arachnoid, & pia mater that surround the neuraxis (axial unpaired part of the central nervous system), intestines (gut area), along the neural pathways interlacing the entire body (resulting from “stagnant” blood). Anaphylaxis, a system-wide allergic & functional breakdown, described as ‘a severe, whole-body allergic reaction to a chemical that has become an allergen‘, and Encephalitis, inflammation of the brain & meninges (Meningoencephalitis) manifesting as ‘diffuse and/or focal neuropsychological dysfunction’, inevitably follow.

The synergy of vaccine derived heavy metal-virus-mycoplasma-excipient toxicity “sludge” targets 3 primary core “electrical grid” stations encasing the nerve center/brain – kin to throwing water over a main keyboard operating system. In the event the Blood-Brain barrier, Myelin sheath & Meninges are breached, particularly at such a critical stage in early childhood development, the risk of neuro-developmental disorders ie. Autism occurring, increases exponentially.

The lymphatic system, which produces White Blood cells (Lymphocytes), crucial to determining the capacity of your Immune system to fight off (adapt to) incoming viral, bacterial & fungal infections, is similarly hard-wired to the brain, intertwined, buried in the Meninges layering of tissue. Not only is the lymphatic system interconnected with the brain, but clearly, all systems of functionality are also intricately linked to the primary core of the brain.

The Meninges layering is designed to insulate the brain & spinal cord from injury – notwithstanding the accumulative barrage of synergistic toxicity associated with early childhood vaccines. “Probably no field in embryology has been less explored than that relating to the meninges.” Lewis H. Weed

‘The discovery was made possible by the work of Antoine Louveau, PhD, a postdoctoral fellow in Kipnis’ lab. The (lymphatic) vessels were detected after Louveau developed a method to mount a mouse’s meninges – the membranes covering the brain – on a single slide so that they could be examined as a whole. “It was fairly easy, actually,” he said. “There was one trick: We fixed the meninges within the skullcap, so that the tissue is secured in its physiological condition, and then we dissected it. If we had done it the other way around, it wouldn’t have worked.”

After noticing vessel-like patterns in the distribution of immune cells on his slides, he tested for lymphatic vessels and there they were.’This is further confirmation of my entire thesis on Vaccine toxicity and its effects on a child’s brain & central nervous system.

 It also explains the resulting sinkhole effect: where-by vaccine-injured children are typically unable to acquire, and in turn, unable to harness their vital supply of trace minerals & anti-oxidants; which ultimately cripples their Immune system.  

‘Vitamin A plays a central role in the development & differentiation of white blood cells, such as lymphocytes, which are essential to the immune response. Vitamins C & E are dependent on Vitamin A.‘

Therefore, if these levels are depleted, the bedrock of your immunity is undermined. All vaccines straightjacket the immune system, by stripping the body of its ability to harness vital trace minerals & antioxidants; the essential arsenal that any child requires to successfully overcome the symptoms of any incoming infection.

Children coping with Autism are typically starved of Vitamin D3. As a result, the Lymphocytes in their lungs can’t process Vitamin C & E, which leads to Respiratory dysfunction & increased vulnerability to ALL infections. ‘Vitamin D is required to increase the circulation of calcium and phosphorous, two minerals necessary for healthy bones. ‘

The kidneys produce Vitamin D3 & the liver plays a vital role in the functioning of D3 throughout the body. When these organs are compromised, it will throw your entire metabolism off. 

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder have had the rug pulled out from under them at a critical stage of early development, depleted of their vital mineral & antioxidant base, stripped of Mitochondrial & Thyroid efficiency/functionality, their vulnerable “electrical grid” nerve center violated prematurely – which significantly inhibits the capacity of the body to carry out its normal systems of operation; and all the evidence points to heavy metal toxicity derived from standard Immunization Vaccines (25 injections by 15 months conservatively).

The gut level “plumbing” crisis, a hallmark of Autism, is the end result of a “house” in crisis; ground zero for neurological & neuro-developmental dysfunction. VRM 

See: VRM: The Autism Report
See: VRM: The Problem With Vaccines Part 4 – Primary Aspects of Vaccine Toxicity Affecting The Body
Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet, M.D., of Melbourne, Florida was a warrior, fighting on behalf children with Autism, exposing the link between Thimerosal-containing vaccines and resulting neurological & neuro-developmental degeneration, leading to early onset Autism. Bradstreet represented thousands of families in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, which tried to brandish him a pariah in the Medical community. He was also a preeminent healer, able to restore the health and well-being of countless vaccine-injured children through holistic protocols.

Why would a doctor so dedicated to inspiring the lives of children, a devout family man devoted to his patients, loved by everyone, seek to end his own life, turning a pistol on himself and pulling the trigger?

Perhaps the answer to this question is buried in the Medical system he found himself at odds with, particularly the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, the bottomless pit of Vaccine-Industry fallout. Bradstreet was a constant thorn in their side, high on the Vaccine Industry black-list; and his ongoing defiance of the FDA, in utilizing alternative treatment protocols, only fueled the fire of controversy.  

‘Bradstreet’s treatments included a wide variety of dietary supplements, secretin infusions, immunoglobulin therapy, chelation, glutathione, and prednilisone. He ordered numerous laboratory tests, many of which were non-standard tests not approved by the FDA, or ones performed outside the U.S.

Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet, M.D. joins a growing list of alternative medical practitioners & researchers who have defied the code of silence & blind faith surrounding the Vaccine Industry, and paid the highest price for that virtuous commitment to the truth. Dr. Andrew Moulden, Dr. Boyd Graves, Dr. Mayer Eisenstein…who will be next to suddenly die under mysterious circumstances?”

From Watchdogs: As a side note, I have been researching vaccines since 2004, when while finishing my journalism degree I was assigned a health beat by San Francisco State university paper. I have written numerous articles on the subject (many of which published on this site) and discussed this matter with many people. The most common question I get asked is “where are those medical doctors that speak out against the vaccines?”. Here is one. One good one. I could not have explained it better than he did. Unfortunately he is no longer alive. But there are others and there will be more. Educate, protect and prosper. Rest in peace Dr. Bradstreet. R.I.P. Thank you for your work.

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