Long Grove Chocolate Fest Is a Huge Disappoinment

May 17, 2015

The Long Grove Chocolate Fest has always been full of chocolate festivities, chocolate products and production done right before your eyes. This was not the case this year, it was more like a merchant fest. The organizers decided to make a few changes, which lead to big disappointments by the attendees. First of all, they added the $5 admission charge, it used to be free all these years. Second, they added food tickets that you had to purchase before you could buy anything on the street. This was not announced and caused major inconvenience and waiting in multiple lines in the midst of hot and humid weather. And finally, there was hardly any chocolate there! Yes, of course, the chocolate shops had chocolate products inside, but they have them there every day and at much lower prices. For example, one shop charged $22 per pound of chocolate covered strawberries and there was a one pound minimum!!

There were only two chocolate covered fruit stands at the entire festival and one of them didn’t have the strawberries as advertised. The food ticket booths only sold tickets in the amounts of $5, $10 and $15. So if you wanted to buy a strawberry kebab for $6, you would have to spend extra and buy those extra unneeded food tickets! What a rip off! We ended up not buying anything. At the admission booth on the way back, we asked for our money back and in response we only got “sorry”.  We asked them to pass the word to the organizers. I wonder if they did.

The festival’s Facebook page had quite a few similar reviews.

Julie Nash- Should have read the yelp reviews before going. Barely any chocolate for chocolate fest. Did the scavenger hunt and regret it. thought it would be hand crafted locally made chocolates like at other chocolate fests but was just tiny store bought chocolate crackers, pretzel, cookie, and a peanut butter thing. Saw more parents smacking their screaming kids then chocolate.

Candice Adams- I had fun but disappointed!! U guys dont say its $5 to park, $5 to get in and $5 for samples!!! It only says $5 to get in!!! U need to let ppl know and at the visitors center the lady was rude!!! Wont be back!

Tim Murphy — We have gone every year for the past 7-8 yrs, we missed last yr so not sure if you had the food tickets last yr but never in the past, What a horrible idea, forcing people to purchase $5 worth of tickets at a time and all its for is to make more money for the city and in turn driving the food costs up! Id rather not eat at the fest.


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