“The Interview”, on Netflix: funny in a gross kinda way

January 30, 2015

Only a month ago “The Interview” was pulled from its pre-Christmas movie theater release because of a cyber attack on SONY and an alleged threat of 9/11 style attacks. Now I find it on Nextflix, for free. The times we live in!

Normally, I would probably not even bother writing a review about this caliber of film: a 2.5 stars on most movie reviewing networks, but because of the controversy, it was deserving its spot in the light. Perhaps, the publicity stunt theory about the alleged threats and the forbidden nature of the fruit worked here. There were some reports suggesting that the hacking of SONY was an inside job. This would support the publicity stunt theory.

As for the movie, it wasn’t terrible to watch. Funny at times, it had a good blend of several comedy references: “Anchorman”, “Kill Bill”, “Get him to the Greek”, “Zoolander” maybe even James Bond. It is a mediocre quality parody not meant to be taken seriously. I enjoyed seeing Eminem getting interviewed by the main characters. If anyone is to get offended by this movie, it should be him!

There are scenes that I would consider gross and less than clever, a heafty portion of homophobic humor, which is a popular element in comedies nowadays, and lots of blood. The movie producers must love blood. But the underlying message is noble and humane: we are all humans and make mistakes. I would give it 2.8 stars.


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