20 years later: V.V. still got moves!

November 24, 2014

Chicago concert review: by Oksana Koval. 

To my surprise I found myself at the concert of V. V. (Vopli Vidoplyasova), the most famous Ukrainian folk rock band performing here in Chicago right before Thanksgiving 2014 at a night club in Chicago called “Nikki”. I used to go to their concerts in Kiev, Ukraine more than a decade ago and interview them for various Ukrainian media outlets, as part of my job as a show biz journalist, countless times! Well, what do you know, 20 years later, they still got moves!

V.V. in Chicago, Club "Nikki"

V.V. in Chicago, Club “Nikki” Nov. 21, 2014

Watching Oleg Skrypka, the band vocalist, play guitar, trumpet and the accordion was like traveling down a memory line, going back in time in my own little universe. But seeing him perform yoga poses, hip circles, snake arms and imitating didgeridoo with his vocals was an added bonus, something I have not seen before. I was indeed consumed by the magic on stage.

Oleg Skrypka, the only remaining original member of the band that I could see on stage, knows how to capture the crowd, giving himself away 100%, as always. That part hasn’t changed. The band was here in Chicago as part of the tour of New York, Chicago and Toronto. They performed a 2-hour concert full of songs including some of their most famous hits like “Birthday” and ” Spring Time will come”, all in Ukrainian language. People were screaming, yelping, jumping up and down, waving Ukrainian flags, singing along.

Who would have know that 20 years later we will see each other again here in Chicago? Maybe we have our friend Igor Golubchik to blame? After all, his company bomond.com was responsible for bringing them here. Well done everybody, well done.

Here is a video snippet from this event:

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