Recycled Content and Bloggers, the Breath of Fresh Air

November 17, 2014

oksana in sfRecycled content is the multi-use of a story written by the same person but published in many formats in various outlets. It is the essence of today’s media world. It has many corporate applications that are financially justified. Convergence was the new trend I journalism when I studied it a few years back. It requires a journalist to produce stories in many different formats. The problem with that is the same person writes what appears to be different stories in different media outlets and since we now live in the world of monopoly where six conglomerate companies own all of the U.S. Media, imagine six people writing today’s news. Six for profit driven people. This is a slightly over exaggerated image but you get the idea.

What helps? Bloggers.

People with no for profit agenda other than telling the truth, their truth the way they know it. Why would this work?

Because their content is searchable and sooner or later other people will discover it. Yes, it may take time and yes, some of this content is absolutely indigestible and is no good, but there are examples of great human effort to share lessons learned and pass on knowledge and good advice to others. And it will prevail.

With love,
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