How to self-produce content for $300

November 17, 2014

My friend Amir Dayan has recently published his song on iTunes, making his dream of many years come true, all for only $300. After speaking to him in details, it has become clear that self-producing your content is not only a dream, but a reality easily achieved on a small budget even if you only have $300 to invest.

Amir Dayan

Amir Dayan

I have known Amir for many years and back when we met he was a computer engineer in San Francisco, CA. He always wanted to do something else, something more fun, related to music. He cooked elaborate meals for dinner and had the most interesting people, parties and costumes. Having an artistic personality was somewhat opposite of what his job with computers required. But it was that job that helped him produce his first song. How did he do it?

“I googled everything”, he said when he phoned me from Canada, where he now resides. Amir Dayan wrote the song “Dreaming of you” in 2008 and was dreaming of producing it. Finally in 2014 he decided to make it happen and it took him about six months to get to the finish line.

“I never met the singer” or the other collaborating musicians, says Amir, who used the website: Fiverr to find the singer and musicians who became the contributors to this project. He used the aggregator website to publish his content on iTunes: CD Baby  and researched the info on how to publish content on iTunes using their website.

Amir was able to set his own price per download of the song.

“If I can do it, anyone can,” he says. There was a time when he didn’t believe it himself.

Now he is an independent producer.

Awesome! 🙂

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