Ms. Ukrainian Diaspora 2014 to help Ukraine

September 29, 2014

Ms. Ukrainian Diaspora 2014 beauty pageant took place this year on September 27 at the Copernicus Center in Chicago. Hundreds of people filled the theater eager to see which one of the beauties will win this year’s contest. This was a fundraising event designed to send help to Ukraine.

It was heart warming to see this non-political gathering of American-Ukrainian diaspora in a setting where instead of flags and banners, beauty, music, crowns and flowers flooded the stage. Ukrainian pop star Irina Bilyk was performing during the event. Here is a video of the evening gowns display, designed by the Ukrainian designer. The winner is wearing the white gown and comes out at the very end of the song.

“All girls were worthy of a crown”, said Ms. Natalia, a former host of the show who is now expecting her second child. She came on stage in the second half of the show and continued to the finale.

During the event she auctioned off a helmet from Maydan for $3000.

Uliana Fenyn won the title of Ms. Ukrainian Diaspora this year. One of her talents is riding a motor cycle.

Ms. Ukrainian Diaspora 2014

Ms. Ukrainian Diaspora 2014

Uliana is on the far right.


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