Spirit Airlines is the most expensive airline for your bag!

July 12, 2014

Sure, you might fall for the cheap airline ticket price and select Spirit Airlines for your next trip in the sky, but beware, they will make up the difference on your checked in bag! And if you don’t pay for it online ahead of time, at the counter, they will charge you a whopping $45 for you checked in bag under 50lb.

They trick you in another way too! If you do select to pay ahead of time, even at the self-check in kiosk, where, supposedly, they charge you $10 less, they will ask if you have a “carry on”. If you say yes, they will charge you an additional $50 for it. So what’s the tick? Say no. Even if you do have carry on. If your “carry on” qualifies as a “personal item” and can fit into a metal rectangular box they have at the airport, it is free.

But, if if doesn’t fit in that box, they will charge you $100 for it at the gate! I’m not kidding. Spirit Airline is the most expensive airline for your checked in bag.

When I flew Spirit this June and discovered that my bag will cost me $45 each way, I was asking if it is receiving a “golden” treatment of some sort and, maybe a free drink? But no, no free drinks, not even for me. In fact, you have to pay for everything on board, every drink, soda, anything. They are so cheap, they replaced their seats with the paper thin seats in the main cabin! I’ve never seen anything like this. Their planes rattle and sound like they are about to fall apart.

Never again…

By the way, if you are looking for the Airlines that don’t charge for your checked in bags, try SouthWest or Jet Blue.

Here is a list of luggage fees by airline.

The most expensive airline for your bag!

The most expensive airline for your bag!

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